How to Write a Vacation Request Email - With Examples (2023)

Every employee needs some time off and enjoy a little vacation with family or friends.

If you're working 40+ hours a week, a timely vacation allows you to take a break from the daily grind and relax.

If you're planning to take a vacation soon and wondering how to intimate your employer, putting it in writing is the best way.

While verbal approvals can be forgotten easily, a vacation request email serves as tangible proof of your vacation approval. Most companies have a leave application form that employees must fill out and submit a few days before taking a vacation. If your company has one, you can draft a simple vacation request email as an additional document for your leave application.

In this blog, we'll discuss why it is essential to write a leave request mail to your manager before taking a vacation. Plus, we'll also show you a few vacation request email samples to help you write a compelling vacation request email.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

Here's what this article will cover:

  1. Why is it important to draft a vacation request email?
  2. Sample vacation email request letters
  3. How to draft a well-articulated vacation request email?
  4. Tips for drafting an email vacation request
  5. Vacation request email samples

Why is it important to draft a vacation request email?

A vacation request email is a formal written document outlining the specific dates you need time off from work and the reason why you're taking a leave. Every company has distinct, set rules and statutes based on which leave applications are approved or cancelled. Thus, you must draft the vacation request email per the company policies.

A well-articulated vacation request email not only informs the employer/manager of your leave dates but must also assure them that your work is covered for the period of your time off. When you guarantee that your vacation won't disrupt your work and deliverables, it's much easier to get the request approved. The idea of writing a vacation request email is to establish a clear line of communication and trust between you and your employer.

Sample vacation email request letters

Usually, there are two reasons why employees put in a leave request mail:

1. Personal/family reasons

Here's a standard vacation request email template for personal/family reasons:

Subject:Vacation request application

Dear (recipient's name),

I want to request vacation leave from Monday (September 7th) through Wednesday (September 16th).

I will be travelling for my sister's wedding. I want to inform you that before I leave, I'll complete my ongoing project and deliverables. Also, while I'm away, my team will offer the requisite support (if and whenever needed).

If there's an emergency, you can reach me at my work address (your name), and my phone.

Thank you for considering my request.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

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2. Medical reasons

Below is a vacation request email sample for medical reasons:

Subject:Medical leave application

Dear (Manager's name),

I'm writing this letter to request vacation leave from Tuesday (December 15th) through Thursday (December 24th).

The reason for this leave request is purely due to medical reasons. For a long time, I've wanted to get a full-body checkup for my family, and I feel like now's the right time to do it. My medical appointment is scheduled for December 21st, 2020.

As for my projects, I assure you that I'll send out my deliverables before I leave. I've already talked to my supervisor, and there's no priority task scheduled during my absence.

If you need me, feel free to reach out to me on my work email.

I hope you understand my plea for this leave. I'll be looking forward to your response.

Thank You,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

How to draft a well-articulated vacation request email?

Writing a vacation request email isn't a daunting task if you know what you have to incorporate in your request letter. These six steps should help you craft the perfect vacation request email while maintaining the workplace rules and etiquette:

1. Start with a clear and short subject line

Your subject line sets the tone for the request letter, and hence, it must be on point. Choose a subject line containing 3-5 words and always keep it simple. You need not give away the reason for your leave in the subject itself - your email's body will do that.

Here are a few examples of subject lines for a vacation request email:

  • Vacation request application
  • Request for leave of absence
  • Request for annual leave
  • Annual leave application
  • Application for leave
  • Casual leave application
  • Leave application for medical treatment

2. State the dates of your leave

After greeting the recipient in your vacation request email, your letter's first line must mention the dates that you'll be absent from work. This allows your employer to check the particular dates, see if there's anything important in between those dates, and accordingly approve/cancel your leave request.

3. Mention your purpose for writing the email

Once you've mentioned the leave dates, you can directly jump to say why you want to avail the leave. Whatever be your motive, family matters, or medical issues, or traveling, mention it explicitly. If you have a supervisor, you can also state that you've already spoken with your supervisor about the leave, and they approve of it.

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While you don't need to elaborate on your behind requesting for the leave, make sure that it's a genuine reason (one that your employer will understand and approve).

4. Elaborate on how you plan to manage work before the leave

In the second paragraph, you should mention how you plan to manage your work before taking leave. Here, you can state the projects you're working on, how you're preparing your team for support, who you're delegating your work to, how you plan to submit any deliverables scheduled during your absence from the office.

This small inclusion will show your dedication to your work and the company. It will assure the employer that you take your job seriously and take the right measures to ensure your absence does not affect its functioning.

5. Show that you'll be available

End your vacation request email by mentioning that you'll be open for further discussion regarding your leave application or any work-related situation. Provide your contact information/email ID as a professional courtesy to facilitate a clear communication line between you and your employer.

6. Thank them in advance

Before you sign the application, thank the recipient in advance for considering your request. If nothing else, this is a polite and professional gesture on your part.

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Tips for drafting an email vacation request

Now that you know what you must include in your vacation request email, take a look at these tips to better your leave request:

1. Do your research

As we mentioned earlier, every company has a specific leave/vacation policy. So, it is essential to be thorough with your company's leave policies before applying for a leave. In case your organization does not have a written vacation policy, it's best to ask your supervisor or HR manager about the standard leave application practices.

Again, if your company has an accruing paid time off rule, you need to find out how many paid and unpaid leaves you have left. After doing complete research on your company policies, you will know how many days you can take time off from work.

2. Plan in advance

When planning a vacation, it is best if you apply for your vacation request at least one month in advance. There's usually a notice period for leave applications - it can be anywhere between a few days to weeks, depending on the number of days you wish to take leave from work. Also, when requesting time off for popular vacation seasons like summer or winter holidays, a month's notice period is the standard protocol.

By applying for your leave well in advance, you ensure that you give your employer plenty of time to consider your request and take the necessary measures to plan how the team will handle projects while you're away.

3. Identify the most convenient dates

Try to find out which dates will be best both for your leave by considering the workload, ongoing projects, and future deliverables. The best time to plan your vacation would be after completing a big project or in slow seasons. For example, if you're handling an overseas client, the time around Christmas would be excellent for a vacation because clients are usually on leave during Christmas till the New Year.

4. Always ask in person first

Before you send in your vacation request email, it's a great idea to ask your Team Lead/Manager in person first. By doing so, you can have a face-to-face conversation with your supervisor and get a better idea of the convenient dates, appropriate leave duration, and plan the right course of action accordingly. This will let you and your employer ideate how to best plan the work while you're away.

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5. Follow-up with a reminder email

You can drop in a gentle reminder of your leave a week before to both your team and your manager. This will serve a dual purpose - it will not only remind them of your leave dates but will also give them the time to check if all the ongoing projects are on track or completed before you leave.

6. Inform everyone who needs to know

It is crucial to inform all your colleagues who're currently involved in your projects. Keep all the vital stakeholders in the loop. Also, do share your work with your team and help them plan the workflow so that things are smooth even during your absence. Inform your teammates about all involved stakeholders, clients, and partners and guide them on how to handle different possible situations.

7. Make your request application concise

An excellent vacation request email is one that contains all the necessary information and is straightforward, clear, and precise. Include all the required details (we mentioned above) in your vacation request email. Do not include irrelevant information or beat around the bush - it is a formal letter, so keep it professional.

8. Fill all the requisite vacation forms

Before applying for your leave officially, make sure that you fill out all the necessary leave application forms of your company. Read the forms carefully to find out any exceptions/requirements for an extended leave, fill out the form according to the company's guidelines, leave policy document, and then draft your vacation request email.

Vacation request email samples

Here are a few sample vacation request emails and a reminder email draft to help you get started:

Informal vacation request email to manager sample

Subject: Vacation request application

Hi (recipient's name),

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I'm writing this letter to apply for annual leave from October 14th to November 2nd. I'll be back to office on November 3rd.

I'm applying for the leave because my family vacation is long overdue. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my family. We're planning a trip to Europe.

I'll be reachable by email (your work email address) but not via phone while I'm gone. As for work, I'll do the needful to complete the deliverables due before my leave. Also, I'll inform my colleagues about my work and guide them in every way possible to offer requisite support while I'm away.

Thank you for considering my request. I'll await your response.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Formal vacation request email to manager sample

Subject: Request for annual vacation leave

Dear (recipient's name)

(Video) Letter Request For Vacation Leave – Sample Request Letter for Leave

I'm writing this letter as an official request about my annual leave from June 1st to June 15th. I've planned a two-week trip to South India with my family, and I'm hoping you'll approve it.

I will join office on June 16th, and while I'm away, I've requested (colleague's name) to take over my projects. I will try to wrap up all my ongoing projects before I leave, but in case something urgent comes up, (colleague's name) will assist with the same. You can reach me via email (your work email address) or via phone (your mobile number) for any work-related issues.

Thank you for acknowledging my request. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Vacation reminder email sample

Subject:Vacation leave reminder

Dear (recipient's name),

I'm writing this email as a gentle reminder about my upcoming leave. As discussed earlier last month, I will be out of the office from June 1st to June 15th.

I've completed my ongoing projects and even sent out the deliverables to our clients. However, for any emergency assistance on my projects, (colleague's name) will be handling my projects while I'm away.

Thank you for approving my leave. If you need me, I will be available by email (your work email address).

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

We hope this detailed guide on how to write a vacation request email makes things clearer for you. Now you can draft the perfect vacation request email, one that your manager cannot deny!

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How do you ask for vacation email example? ›

Dear (recipient's name), I want to request vacation leave from Monday (September 7th) through Wednesday (September 16th). I will be travelling for my sister's wedding. I want to inform you that before I leave, I'll complete my ongoing project and deliverables.

How do you politely ask for vacation? ›

7 ways to ask for time off just the right way
  1. Choose your time wisely. ...
  2. Be specific and give relevant details. ...
  3. Get caught up with all of your work. ...
  4. Be fair with the rest of your team. ...
  5. Make sure you ask, not tell. ...
  6. Offer to help plan for when you're away. ...
  7. Request your time in writing.
10 Feb 2022

How do you write an email for a trip? ›

Dear [Name Of Manager], I would like to apply for a week's vacation from [DATE] to [DATE]. I will be back in the office on [DATE]. I have taken care of all my pending work and cleared my calendar for the vacation week.

How do you politely ask to leave an email? ›

Leave request email template

Dear [Recipient's name], I'm writing to ask for annual leave in advance of my entitlements. I'd like to take my leave between the following dates: [dates that you want off]. I'll be away for [number of weeks], which is in accordance with the company's annual leave policy.

How do you ask for vacation in English? ›

Remember to ask your boss for time off, not simply tell him or her you're taking it. A simple script might go like this: “I have some vacation time coming, and I'd like to take a week to travel with my family. Would the week of July __ be a good time?

How do I ask my boss for a vacation? ›

How Do You Write An Effective Leave Request Mail?
  1. Write a clear, concise subject line. ...
  2. Mention the purpose of the mail. ...
  3. Give the vacation dates you want. ...
  4. Explain your reason for taking a vacation at that time. ...
  5. Describe your plans for handling work before leaving. ...
  6. Be willing to discuss the matter.

How do you write a letter for a trip? ›

Describe the key tour information, including the destination, the date, and your personal highlights. Request that your friend give your regards to his or her parents. Finish the letter by signing your name and adding "your friend" or "yours lovingly."

How do you politely inform leave? ›

As we discussed, I would like to request a leave of absence from [Date] through [Date]. I will return to work on [Date]. Please let me know whether you require any further information or have any questions. Thank you very much for your consideration in affording me this opportunity for personal leave.

How do you say you can leave politely? ›

Be calm and considerate of their feelings. You could say, “Though we had some good times living here together, it's no longer working out. I'm sorry, but I need to ask you to move out.” If the person is on your lease and refuses to move out, you may need to get the police involved.

How do you say leave in an email? ›

I will be out of the office starting (Starting Date) through (End Date) returning(Date of Return). If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact (Contacts Name) at (Contacts Email Address). Otherwise I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my return.

How do you tell your boss you are going on vacation? ›

12 Tips for Asking for Time Off
  1. Plan the best time to ask your boss. Timing is everything. ...
  2. Don't ask at a peak time. ...
  3. Provide context for your request. ...
  4. Schedule your time in advance whenever possible. ...
  5. Use it or lose it. ...
  6. Request time off in writing. ...
  7. Don't make plans before you receive permission. ...
  8. Help plan the workflow.
25 Nov 2020

Is it correct to say vacation? ›

' At the same time, 'vacation' is an American English word that means a long time off from work (be it school or work). Vacation is always used in the plural sense, for example, 'Our winter vacation starts from the day of Christmas.

How do you write a vacation paragraph? ›

Here's some tips to help you out:
  1. Save Mementos From Your Summer. Even if you're not the sentimental type, make sure to document your summer travels. ...
  2. Write an Outline Before Writing Your Essay. ...
  3. Be Specific. ...
  4. Focus on Feelings About Your Trip, Not What You Did. ...
  5. Stick to Writing About a Small Moment. ...
  6. Edit Your Essay Carefully.

How do you ask someone for a trip? ›

Share This:
  1. What surprised you the most?
  2. What was the biggest difference in how people live there, compared to here?
  3. How was the language barrier/your ability to communicate with people?
  4. What did you do for transportation?
  5. What super-touristy thing did you do that was surprisingly awesome?
16 Dec 2019

How do you ask for leave in simple words? ›

Suppose you need a leave of one day, What would you say to your boss/manager?
  1. Sir Can I get a leave for tomorrow. ...
  2. Sir, I won't be able to come tomorrow. ...
  3. Sir,I would be needing an off tomorrow. ...
  4. Sir,It won't be possible for me to come tomorrow. ...
  5. Sir,can you give me a day off. ...
  6. Can you please sanction me leave for tomorrow.
7 Jan 2020

What is a better word for leave? ›


1, 2 abandon, forsake, desert; relinquish. 9 forbear, renounce. 10 ignore, forget. 11 bequeath, will; devise, transmit.

How do I ask for vacation last minute? ›

I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to take off [date] from [time] to [time] for [reason]? To make up for the missed time, I plan to [what you plan to do to make up for it]. I also know we have [meeting] scheduled during that time, and was wondering if it would be possible to reschedule.

How do I ask my boss for a trip? ›

Here are the steps to writing a vacation request email:
  1. Write a short, direct subject line. ...
  2. State your purpose for writing. ...
  3. Include the dates you're requesting. ...
  4. Consider mentioning why you're taking time off. ...
  5. Discuss how you're preparing for time off. ...
  6. Remain available for questions.

How do you approach someone on vacation? ›

So, with no further ado, here are seven tips for meeting someone when you're on vacation.
  1. Go To Bars. Giphy. ...
  2. Put Your Phone Down. Giphy. ...
  3. ... Unless You're On A Dating App. ...
  4. Do Activities You Like. Giphy. ...
  5. Talk — To Everyone. Giphy. ...
  6. Make Sure You Get Contact Info. Giphy. ...
  7. Be Open To Something (Or Someone) Different. Giphy.
12 Jul 2017

How do you ask someone to go with you? ›

There are a few things you want to keep in mind before asking someone out:
  1. Be specific. Vagueness makes people nervous. ...
  2. Stay safe. When in doubt, pick a safe activity that's low commitment for the both of you: coffee, lunch, or dinner. ...
  3. Be flexible. They may say no … ...
  4. Be cool and casual.

How do you ask for vacation time on a short notice? ›

Follow these steps when requesting a day off:
  1. Review your company's PTO policy. Before you request a free day, it can be helpful to review your company's policy. ...
  2. Look at the company calendar. ...
  3. Discuss your request at an appropriate time. ...
  4. Ask rather than tell. ...
  5. Offer concise details. ...
  6. Send your request in the correct format.

How do I tell my boss I have a good vacation? ›

Vacation Wishes for Bosses
  1. Wishing you a fun filled exciting vacation, dear boss. ...
  2. Boss, Don't worry about work at all. ...
  3. I am really happy for you because you have got this great opportunity to spend your vacation in such a beautiful place. ...
  4. Dear boss, I wish you a great vacation with your family.
11 Feb 2022


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