Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key locations, and house chest reward (2023)

Where are all of theHogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys? Fairly early on in the game, you’ll find some side quests that teach you a little more about each of the collectibles in the game. One of these quests is ‘The Daedalian Keys’ who you can get from Gryffindor student Nellie Oggspire standing in the Transfiguration Courtyard. She asks you to investigate the flying keys scattered around Hogwarts.

These are the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys, and to solve the puzzle, you need to get close to them to gain their trust. Once you do, follow them to a nearby locked cabinet to claim the house token inside. As it turns out, there are more of them hidden, but with so many collectibles in the open-world gameincluding Demiguise Statues and Gobstone locations, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to set foot outside of the school for this one. That said, you do eventually need to learn a couple of Hogwarts Legacy spells to access hard-to-reach areas. Here is how the Daedalian keys work in Hogwarts Legacy, their locations, andthe reward you get for finding all of the house tokens and opening the house chest, and note that there are 16 Daedalian Keys and house tokens to find in total.

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key locations

Here are all of the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key locations:

Astronomy Tower

Follow the waypoint to the top of the Astronomy Tower in the side quest ‘The Daedalian Keys’ to find the key. It’ll head downstairs from the top of the tower into the classroom.

Central Hall

In the Central Hall, this Daedalian Key is hovering in the northern corner. Head past the statue in the middle and you’ll find it on the left, before the door to the greenhouses.

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Clock TowerLower

Both this and the next Daedalian Key cannot be accessed until you have Alohomora, which is also required for the Faculty Tower key further below. Enter the Clock Tower via the gate near where Duelling Wands takes place, climb the stairs, then head to the left. The key is at the end, and will fly up to the level above for the locked cabinet.

Clock TowerUpper

Climb right to the top of the Clock Tower – you can cross the corridor from the Faculty Tower/Hospital Wing if you’re not climbing from the bottom. Either way, this key is right below where the Faculty Tower corridor exits, and it flies into the Hospital Wing.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower

Find the rhinoceros skeleton up the stairs from the main hall towards the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. You will need to find this artefact if you’re completing the Cache in the Castle quest. The key will head upstairs to a nearby cabinet.

Dungeons #1

After you complete the quest Jackdaw’s Rest, you’ll exit in the Dungeons. Take a left down the stairs and head down the corridor – you’ll find this Daedalian Key floating down there. Turn around, then go left instead of going back up the stairs, and the locked cabinet with the house token will be in the corner of the room past the locked gate.

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Dungeons #2

From where the first Dungeons Daedalian Key was, keep heading down that corridor and take a left turn at the end. There’s a sleeping dragon statue that’s impossible to miss – there’s another key flying around in front of it. It’ll fly up the stairs to your left, to a locked cabinet right at the top.

Entrance Hall

At the top of the stairs in the Entrance Hall, the key darts off to the cabinet down the stairs and towards the eastern wall, next to the boar statue.

Faculty Tower

You won’t be able to access this one until you start the quest ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’, when Gladwin Moon teaches you Alohomora. As you’re sneaking through the Faculty Tower, with the objective of retrieving two Demiguise Statues, you’ll climb some stairs with a prefect facing the opposite direction, looking at a number puzzle.

Sneak forward to activate the Daedalian Key and it’ll fly back down the stairs you came up to a locked cabinet right at the bottom.

Grand Staircase

Headup the Grand Staircase from the Entrance Hall (the one where the steps gradually reveal themselves) until you get about two-thirds of the way up. It’s near a painting of an old wizard with a white beard. The key speeds off downstairs to the cabinet close to the Floo Flames near the Hogwarts Legacy number puzzleclose to the bottom of the grand staircase.

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Great Hall

Fast travel to the Great Hall and look to the opposite side of the room. There’s a Daedalian Key flying in front of the fireplace. It takes you back over to near the Floo Flame, and up the stairs to the right to find the locked cabinet.


Enter the Library through the left-hand door from the Central Hall, then take a left. This key is easy to spot between two bookshelves, to the right of the fireplace. The house token it takes you to is in the opposite corner of the Library, in the back right.

North Hall

Entering from the Transfiguration Courtyard, it’s close to the staircase near the globe ahead of you. It’llfly up the stairs, past the Cache in the Castle treasure location, to the top by the portrait of a drumming woman.

Potions Classroom

Fast travel to the Potions Classroom Floo Flame location and head through the door to class – there’s a key flying around right in front of the class entrance. Go down the spiral staircase next to it and the locked cabinet is right at the end of the corridor.

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Quad Courtyard

From the Quad Courtyard Floo Flame location, turn right and head past the fountain with the serpent, then up the three short stone staircases behind it. The Daedalian Key is flittering around at the top.

Viaduct Entrance

Go to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame, then cross the bridge and enter the Viaduct Entrance. Take a left and you’ll find a Daedalian Key under the stairs that takes you to a locked cabinet down the first set of stairs in the middle of the room.

How to open Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key cabinets

To open the Daedalian key cabinets, you must find the nearby flying Daedalian key and, follow it to the cabinet, then slap it into the lock.Whenever you find an area with a massive locked cabinet, chances are that there is a Daedalian key nearby. Keep listening out for tiny wings flittering like you’d expect a snitch to sound. You can also turn on the Audio Visualiser in the accessibility section of the options menu to help – you’re looking for the bell symbol indicating a hidden object nearby.

The key won’t initially begin flying to the locked cabinet when you find it, so get as close as possible. Keep an eye on where it flies off to, as they have a habit of weaving between staircases to try and give you the slip. It’ll eventually land on the cabinet, where you can interact with it. Press the button at the right time to slap the key into the keyhole and open the cabinet. For each Daedalian key cabinet you open, you’ll get a house token, which Nellie tells you belongs inside your house chest.

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Hogwarts Legacy house tokens reward

Each of the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms comes with its own house chest. Interact with it to place a house token into the chest. When you’ve placed all 16 tokens in the chest, your reward for completing the Daedalian keys quest is the Relic House uniform for your house of choice. The image above shows the Ravenclaw Relic House Uniform, in royal blue, with a golden raven on the back, and the Hufflepuff Relic House Uniform uses the same colour scheme, only it’s a got a badger oThis part of the quest is easy to do but also easily forgotten among all of the other activities in the RPG game.

Once you’ve finished collecting the Daedalian Keys, why not check out some of the other Hogwarts Legacy guides we have on offer? We have tips on how to collect flying pagesand reveal empty paintingsto add to your Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages collection, or the solution to the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle, as well as more general guides on how the Hogwarts Legacy map or the Room of Requirement works. For an alternative adventure, whether it’s magical or more grounded in reality, we have a list of the best PC games that we would recommend to anyone.

The creator of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has made a number of transphobic remarks on social media in recent years. Warner Bros. has the licence to make games based on Harry Potter. While the details of that deal aren’t publicly known, and WB Games says “J.K. Rowling is not directly involved in the creation of the game”, it is likely that, as the creator and owner of the Harry Potter IP, she will earn royalties from its sales. If you’d like to learn more about transgender equality or lend your support, here are two important charities we encourage you to check out: the National Center for Transgender Equality in the US, and Mermaids in the UK.


Where are the keys Hogwarts Legacy? ›

The Daedalian Key will be behind the sleeping dragon statue. Dungeon - Upstairs from the sleeping dragon statue, the Daedalian Key will be across from the armoured horse. Faculty Tower - Fast travel to Faculty Tower, then head right through the fancy Faculty Tower door. The Daedalian Key should be floating upstairs.

Will you be able to choose your house in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Q: Can players choose their Hogwarts house in Hogwarts Legacy? A: Players can choose their Hogwarts house at the start of Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer? ›

Hogwarts Legacy Does Not Have Multiplayer, but There Is a Silver Lining. According to the FAQ on the official Hogwarts Legacy website, the game is a single-player experience without any official multiplayer or co-op elements.

Can you play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac? ›

Using Boosteroid, users can play Hogwarts Legacy on their Mac, regardless of whether they are using an M1, M2 or Intel-based processor.

What is the witch queen key? ›

The Witch Queen Dungeon Key is paid DLC released during the Season of the Haunted. It grants access to two dungeons: Duality and Spire of the Watcher. It can be purchased in-game through Eververse. It is also granted to owners of The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition.

Is Hogwarts Legacy a real game? ›

Hogwarts Legacy was announced at a PlayStation 5 event in September 2020, with plans to be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2021. The primary voice cast for the game was announced on 12 January 2023. It was delayed twice, first to 2022, and later to 10 February 2023.

Can you be non binary in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

The player character is always spoken of using they/them pronouns, or called “the child”. In this, players can chose from a variety of gendered characteristics, and are in many ways non-binary.

Is Hogwarts Legacy inappropriate? ›

Is Hogwarts Legacy Appropriate for Children? Hogwarts Legacy is rated T (Teen 13+), with Content Descriptors including Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, and Interactive Elements for In-Game Purchases.

Can you become evil in Hogwarts mystery? ›

While you can't become an actual villain, it is possible to wield dark magic and play as an evil wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. As it's an open world RPG you have plenty of ways to customize your character, choose your house and develop your magical skills and powers.

How many hours is Hogwarts Legacy? ›

It should take around 30-35 hours to beat Hogwarts Legacy if you focus primarily on the story. As it is an open-world game, filled with exploration and side quests, you could be playing it for a lot longer than that.

Will Hogwarts Legacy get DLC? ›

If you purchased select versions of Hogwarts Legacy, you actually already have access to DLC. The Dark Arts Pack grants you a Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, and the Dark Arts Battle Arena.

Is Diagon Alley in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

No, Diagon Alley is not in Hogwarts Legacy, since the open-world game is based in the school and Hogsmeade, both of which are in the Scottish Highlands. Diagon Alley itself is hidden away in London, so is nowhere near the location of Hogwarts Legacy.

How many GB is Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Memory: 16 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT or INTEL Arc A770. DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 85 GB available space.

Is Hogwarts Legacy cost? ›

Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 for $69.99, on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S for $69.99, Nintendo Switch for $59.99 and on PC for $59.90.

How do you sprint in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

To get around a little bit faster around Hogwarts, Hogwarts Legacy players can sprint by pressing L3, which is the left control stick on any gaming controller.

What is the exotic strange key for? ›

Players that want to obtain the Forerunner exotic sidearm in Destiny 2 must complete a quest called Magnum Opus. Near the end of this quest, fans will be instructed to use a Strange Key, which they will have obtained in a preceding step, to open a path that leads to a mysterious object.

What is XUR's strange key for? ›

Take the strange key from Xur. Use the strange key in the snow swept valley area. Descend the cave and retrieve an anomalous object. Deliver the anomalous object to Banshee-44 in the Tower LZ and claim the Forerunner magnum.

How to get Witch Queen DLC for free? ›

In addition, Destiny 2 story campaigns – Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen are available to play for free for all players including Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and non-Xbox Live Gold members.

Is Hogwarts Legacy 3rd person? ›

Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person action-RPG set in the same universe as the classic Harry Potter series of children's books.

How old is Dumbledore? ›

Rowling said in an interview that Dumbledore was about 150 years old. However, on her website, she states that Dumbledore was born in 1881, making him either 115 or 116 at the time of his death. On 19 October 2007, Rowling was asked by a young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love".

When was Dumbledore born? ›

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was born to Kendra andPercival Dumbledore in the summer of 1881, in the mainly wizarding village of Mould-on-the-Wold.

Can you be a girl in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

The open-world game allows the player to customize their character, and create a trans Hogwarts student if they like; the game has even introduced the series first canonical transgender character, Sirona Ryan.

How old is your character in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy takes place over one school year, so your character doesn't age. You also transfer to Hogwarts as a Year 5 pupil. So even if there were two more Hogwarts Legacy games, which haven't been announced, they would only get two years older.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy 16+? ›

The Hogwarts Legacy age rating is so high because officially, according to PEGI, the game features violence, bad language and in-game purchases.

Is Harry Potter OK for a 5 year old? ›

Like most milestones, there is no “right age.” It all depends on the kid—and the parents. But there are a few age-related guidelines to take into consideration: From a technical standpoint, Harry Potter is categorized as a middle-grade read, which typically encompasses 9–to–12-year-olds.

Is Harry Potter OK for a 7 year old? ›

The Harry Potter book series is Middle Grade, not YA (Young Adult). This means it is generally written for children ages 8-12 and grade levels 3-7.

Is there an age limit for Harry Potter and the cursed child? ›

The show is suitable for ages 10 and up. All persons entering the theatre, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

Who is R in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

'R' is a group of dark wizards and witches. They seek the Cursed Vaults.

Who betrayed Hogwarts? ›

But Harry soon discovers that Peter Pettigrew — once a good friend to Harry's parents and Sirius — was in fact responsible for betraying the Potters' whereabouts to Voldemort.

Do you fight Voldemort in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

Technically, the character of Voldemort himself never appears in the game, which makes sense, as Hogwarts Mystery is set in the 1980s, after he already "died" when attempting to kill an infant Harry Potter.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings? ›

Hogwarts Legacy has three endings. There is a good ending, a bad one, and a 'true' conclusion. The good and bad finales are dependent on your choices in the very final stages of the game, meanwhile the true ending occurs after either finale.

Can you get married in Hogwarts? ›

Technically, weddings are not allowed at the Wizarding World, so they had to do it guerrilla-style (having a wedding while not booking the public venue). To get it done on the sly, they met behind The Three Broomsticks for a super quick and really small ceremony with a handfasting and personal vows.

Can you date Ben Copper? ›

Besides Merula, it's possible that the friends players meet during their Hogwarts adventure could also become romance options. Players are able to interact with a few different friends in their first couple of years at Hogwarts, including the Hufflepuff Penny Haywood and the Gryffindor Ben Copper.

Is there a head girl at Hogwarts? ›

Hagrid has mentioned to Harry, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, that Harry's father and mother were Head Boy and Head Girl while they were at Hogwarts. While there must be a Head Boy and a Head Girl in each year Harry attends Hogwarts, the only one we ever hear of is Percy.

Can you join the Dark Side in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

In the recent GamesRadar interview (01/25/2023), narrative director Moira Squier confirmed that you can be evil in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you get the secret ending in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Once you are finished grinding away levels to reach the appropriate level, you can now begin the true final Quest “The House Cup.” Completing this Quest will unlock Hogwarts Legacy's True Ending and you will feel a much greater sense of closing and accomplishment with this ending.

How to get flying key in lock Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Fast travel to the Central Hall Floo Flame and then head up the stairs all the way to the big doors to the viaduct. Before going through, head over to the right side of the room and look behind the staircase to find the key floating there. It goes to a cabinet on the right side, back down the stairs you came up.

What is gryffindors password? ›

An iconic moment, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone boasted the very first utterance of a Gryffindor password. It was 'Caput Draconis' which is Latin for 'dragon's head' and that definitely fits as a straightforward password for the common room.

How do you get diamonds in Harry Potter? ›

Earn Gems by levelling up, winning the House Cup, learning new spells and potions, and more! Gems are used to unlock new accessories, speed up timers, and restore energy. Was this article helpful?


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