2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (2023)


2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (1)

ABS,a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design, construction and operation. Focused on safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions, ABS works with industry and clients to develop accurate and cost-effective compliance, optimized performance and operational efficiency for marine and offshore assets. From its world headquarters in Houston, ABS delivers survey and engineering services and solutions to clients through a network of local representatives working from more than 200 offices in 70 countries.

ABS- At-A-Glance

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (2)The American Club’smission is to provide its Members with a broad and financially secure range of P&I and related insurance services which most effectively meet the imperatives of their day-to-day business and which are delivered in an attentive, efficient, courteous and focused manner.

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The American Club: A Profile - Seamless Service for Turbulent Times

Annual Report 2021

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (3)

With more than 600 attorneys serving clients across the globe,Blank Romerepresents businesses and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-up entities around the globe. The Firm’s practices cover areas including business tax; commercial and corporate litigation; employment benefits and labor; financial services; bankruptcy and financial restructuring; government relations; health law; intellectual property; maritime, international trade and procurement; matrimonial; privately held and emerging companies; product liability; public companies and capital formation; public finance; real estate; trusts and estates; and white collar, internal and government investigations. Blank Rome also represents pro bono clients in a wide variety of cases and matters. 

Maritime Practice

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (4)For more information, visitwww.claymaitland.com/about/

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (5)CLIA is the world's largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice for the industry as the leading authority of the global cruise community. CLIA supports policies and practices that foster safe, healthy, and sustainable cruise operations; tourism strategies that maximize the socio-economic benefits of cruise travel; and technologies and innovations that protect and preserve our planet.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (6)DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. We enhance safety, quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the global shipping industry – across all vessel types and offshore structures. We invest heavily in research and development to find solutions, together with the industry, that address strategic, operational or regulatory challenges.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (7)For more information, visit https://www.donjon.com/

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (8)

Dorian LPGis a liquefied petroleum gas shipping company and a leading owner and operatorofmodern VLGCs.  Dorian LPG currently owns and operates 22 modern VLGCs. Dorian LPG has offices in Connecticut, USA, London, United Kingdom and Athens, Greece.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (9)Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.(NASDAQ: EGLE) is a US-based fully integrated shipowner-operator engaged in the global transportation of drybulk commodities.Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices in Singapore and Copenhagen, Eagle focuses exclusively on the mid-size drybulk vessel segment and owns one of the largest fleets of Supramax/Ultramax ships in the world.

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2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (10)Ecochlor, a leader in the ballast water treatment industry, utilizes a filtration and chlorine dioxidetreatment technology. The system’s effectiveness isn’t impaired by variations in salinity, temperature, turbidity, organics, and vibration. No re-treatment or neutralization is necessary at discharge. The system meets or exceeds the most demanding IMO and USCG regulations.

Green Marine Flyer

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (11)Fairfield ChemicalCarriersis committed to being the chemical tanker operator of choice in its selected markets; to providing its customers with top quality and reliable service – creative, proactive, and always client focused; to maintaining the highest standards for safety and efficiency in the operation of its fleet; and, above, all, to conducting all its activities professionally, ethically and in a socially responsible manner.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (12)Future Care, Inc® is a global telemedical service and international provider of medical care management services. Future Care provides a 24/7 Medical Advice First Response program called “Caring for the Crew”® for shipowners, ship managers, and their respective insurance companies. Future Care provides Medical Record, Bill review and auditing services.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (13)Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) is the industry’s most comprehensive source of full-service, in-depth, compliance support. Our capabilities are supported by an unmatched blend of practical field experience and regulatory compliance expertise. The GMS Qualified Individual (QI) and Spill Management Team (SMT) include some of the most highly qualified and extensively experienced incident response experts in the industry.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (14)

HudsonAnalytix is a US-based international business risk solutions company providing expertise and support to the world's leading commercial shipping, ports and terminals, oil and gas, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and government sectors. HudsonAnalytix provides risk management solutions to the maritime sector galvanized by more than 30 years’ experience. Our comprehensive services, global insight, and depth of experience enable our clients to meet their regulatory, commercial and operational needs efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (15)

Every day, International Seaways’ mission is to exceed its customers’ expectations. We know that every stakeholder is a customer.

We do this by understanding our customers’ needs, and by understanding our own business and challenging ourselves to constantly seek improvement.

We transport energy safely and efficiently though diligent and environmentally compliant operations of well-maintained assets by well trained and dedicated crews.

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2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (16) For more information, visit https://www.itopf.org/

Lloyd’s Register is a provider of global maritime professional services. It is the world’s first marine classification society, created more than 260 years ago to improve the safety of ships. Lloyd’s Register’s technical expertise is offered in more than 70 locations, serving clients based in 182 countries and it recently acquired OneOcean, a leading supplier of voyage compliance, safety and environmental solutions.

Zero Carbon Fuel Monitoring

At MPS, we create and implement innovative solutions for MARPOL related waste streams, consistent with a comprehensive sustainability strategy and a circular model based on the methodological framework of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, as well as national and international standards that prevent pollution in the maritime industry. We are implementing tools and processes to track and reduce emissions along our entire value chain and at every step of our services. This will be achieved by using the most efficient technologies available to maximize recycling, promote a circular economy and minimize energy consumption, giving vessels the opportunity to measure and reduce their scope 3 emissions.

Our vision is to incorporate our circular economy and decarbonization model throughout the world through strategic global partnerships. With the right leadership and correct sustainable practices, the waste generated by 30 million cruise passengers and seafarers from more than 50,000 merchant ships, will contribute to the net zero transition our planet urgently requires.

Maritime Solutions, Inc. Maritime Solutions, Inc. (MSI) was founded in 1998 to introduce advanced technologies to the international marine and environmental marketplace. Maritime Solutions’ mission is to be a leading source for advanced concepts that address marine and environmental concerns by promoting innovative products and services, providing more effective solutions to traditional marine and environmental problems.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (19)Martin Marine, a division of Martin Midstream Partners L.P., transports petroleum products and by-products largely in the Gulf Coast region utilizing a fleet of 31 inland marine tank barges, 14 inland push boats, and one offshore ATB unit. Our largest marine transportation customers include major and independent oil and gas refining companies, and petroleum marketing companies. Additionally, our robust fleet contains vessels that reflect our focus on the transportation of specialty products.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (20)

Morgan Marketing & Communications LLC is a client-based, retained marketing and communications agency committed to providing its clients with the highest quality professional marketing and communications services available. Our mission is to partner with our clients to meet their needs and exceed their goals.

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2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (21)Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (“Navios Partners”), (“the Company”), is a leading US publicly listed marine transportation company that owns and operates dry cargo and tanker vessels. Navios Partners trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "NMM". The Company has a modern fleet of 175 vessels, across three segments with 15 different types of vessels servicing 10+ end markets. Its fleet consists of a mix of Capesize, Panamax, Ultra-Handymax vessels, Containerships and Crude and Product Tankers with and average age of 9.6 years, well below the industry average.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (22)The OPA 90 Forum was founded to serve as a community of those parties interested in the protection of U.S. waters from pollution by oil and hazardous substances from waterborne or land-based sources. The Mission is to provide a forum for those concerned with OPA 90 preparedness, prevention and response, with the goal of reducing the number and severity of incidents and increasing the effectiveness of response. The OPA 90 Forum is a non-profit organization incorporated in Delaware in 2021. It is recognized by the IRS as a 501c6, and is accepted by the U.S. Federal Government under the System for Award Management.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (23)

Turning ship's evaporated water into an excellent and constantly freshly produced drinking and cooking water, with systems characterized as “Best Practice for Drinking Water“ by three reputable Oil Majors, numerous ship owners and managers have realized dramatic benefits from 2200+ systems in circulation of P Ship Systems.

We design, develop, build, distribute and long-term support our shipping clients with field-tested and cost-effective marine solutions, on fast ROI for the Bridge, Mess Rooms, Engine Room, Galley, etc. Each system treats/produces daily from 380-2.270Ltrs of excellent water, at different water temperatures.

Providing fresh drinking water while managing costs, reducing the environmental impact and over-exceeding regulations, P Ship Systems is poised to deliver and support its systems wherever shipping is concentrated. With systems easy to install, maintain and backed up by full documentation and long-term unique dedicated support by trained personnel, based on a ticketing system, via different key shipping warehouse locations.

P Ship Systems Flyer

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (24)

The Port of Long Beach is the premier U.S. gateway for trans-Pacific trade and a trailblazer in innovative goods movement, safety, environmental stewardship and sustainability. As the second-busiest container seaport in the United States, the Port handles trade valued at $200 billion annually and supports 2.6 million jobs across the nation, more than 575,000 in Southern California, and more than 50,000 jobs – or 1 in 5 – in Long Beach.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the few U.S. ports that can welcome today’s largest vessels, serving 175 shipping lines with connections to 217 seaports around the world. Goods moving through the Port of Long Beach originate in or are destined for every congressional district in the United States. In 2021, the Port handled more than 9.4 million container units, achieving the busiest year in its history.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (25)

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Scorpio Tankers Inc. is a provider of marine transportation of petroleum products worldwide. Scorpio Tankers Inc. currently owns, lease finances or bareboat charters-in 113 product tankers (39 LR2 tankers, 60 MR tankers and 14 Handymax tankers) with an average age of 6.7 years. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol STNG. Additional information about the Company is available at the Company’s website www.scorpiotankers.com

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (26)Sealift Inc. is an owner and operator of a fleet of U.S. flag vessels that are engaged in worldwide operation for both the U.S. Navy and the commercial sector. The company commenced operations in 1975 and maintains a strong presence in the U.S. Navy's MSC fleet. Sealift's assets are its people and their experience. They are committed to delivering the highest level of quality as is indicated by the continued satisfaction of their customers.

2022 Annual Conference and Awards Program - NAMEPA (27)SMIT Salvage is able to provide assistance to ships in distress (emergency response (OPA-90), wreck removal, environmental care and consultancy) anywhere in the world and at any time. It does this by operating out of four locations which are strategically situated in relation to the main international shipping routes: Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore.


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